Thomas Drilling & American Pump are now American Pump & Drilling - Serving Greater Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming

Water Well Drilling

We Are Tooled to Efficiently Drill Large Commercial/Municipal, Irrigation and Environmental Wells.

Drilling Methods

Well Depths & Sizes

Well Types

Excellence in the Drilling industry for over 45 years

Previously serving our communities as Thomas Drilling.

Decades of Industry Experience

Our highly trained technicians at American Pump & Drilling have countless decades of combined experience when it comes to drilling and working on wells. From early preparations to drill the well to concluding and placing the final pump, we’re your local all-in-one solution for all things water well drilling.

Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Once your well is drilled, we can design and install top-quality water systems to meet your specific needs. We can provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your well and pump is always in proper working condition.

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We ensure that customers are our priority by providing quality expertise to get the job done right.

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